The Art’s Magic – workshop for artists

Three days of body and voice workshop, combining methods from choreography, music and improvisation, lead by Maria Stokłosa, Joanna Halszka Sokołowska, Aleksandra Markowska i Aleksandra Borys.

Magia Sztuki (The Art’s Magic) is a three days of body and voice workshop, combining methods from choreography, music and improvisation, lead by Maria Stokłosa, Joanna Halszka Sokołowska, Aleksandra Markowska i Aleksandra Borys.

We are inviting artists from all fields to spend time in an inspiring environment with like minded people, reconnecting with trees, water, fire, night sky, movement and sound. We will take time to remind ourself and our bodies of being part of surrounding nature. For those tree days artistic practices will offer a way to make life stranger, calmer, boring, full, empty, overwhelming, softer. We will be spending time resting, listening, seeing, sleeping, dancing, walking, sensing, running, singing, whispering, flying, rolling and other ( or not). The tolls usually used of art making will be serving as a material for medicine and ritual for the new season.
You are more than welcome to join us in the wonders of Burdag with the sprinkle of golden fall to give and offer care of self, individual and universal together with boar and forest.

Maria (Marysia) Stokłosa – choreographer, dancer and performer. She studied at the London Contemporary Dance School at The Place and at the School of New Dance Development (SNDO) in Amsterdam. Since 2008 she creates solo and group work presented in theaters and galleries in Poland and abroad. Apart from her original work Maria is engaged in long-term collaborations with other choreographers such as Meg Foley, Peter Pleyer and Maija Reeta Raumanni and with theater director Wojtek Ziemilski. In the past she also performed in works of such choreographers as Lisa Nelson, Sara Shelton Mann, Min Tanaka and Jeremy Wade. She made choreography for Pawel Mykietyn’s opera The Magic Mountain. Stokłosa is very active in the development of Warsaw experimental dance scene – as a teacher and an initiator of various projects, as a leader of Burdag Foundation and a co-creator of the collective of choreographers – Centrum w Ruchu (Center in Motion). She co-curated a series: “Dance activism. Spaces for choreography.” at the MCK Nowy Teatr in Warsaw and was a leader of the program board at the Institute of Music and Dance in Poland.
Joanna Halszka Sokolowska Born in 83; graduated philosophy on Warsaw University. She works with sound and words. Multidimensional Singer. Performer, composer, Leader. Also writer, actor, director, choreographer. She has two bands (Der Mother; New Cage); opera projects; composes theatre and film music. Leading groups and individuals (in choirs and bodywork sessions) she is using her own technic: rising consciousness of presence, sound and voice, communication. It works as a tool of change on personal and global level.
Aleksandra Markowska- improviser, vocalist, improv coach. IO’s Chicago graduate with a diploma from Chopin’s Music Academy (vocal, acting, jazz). Founder and improviser of Musical Improwizowany (Musical Improv Group) in Klub Komediowy in Warsaw. Improviser in Hofesinka (one of the first polish improv groups) and Hurt Luster (a female group specialising in progressive improv), also performes in improvised children’s shows. A teacher in improv school (Szkoła Impro) since 2016. Co founder of Resort Komedii (Comedy Club). She’s a regular performer at Klub Komediowy and Resort Komedii in Warsaw, polish and foreign festivals (Cracow, Wroclaw, New York, Kopenhagen, Chicago). Since 2017 she’s leading corporate bussiness improv workshops focused on creativity, team cooperation, empathy, groupmind.
Aleksandra Borys is an art and science artist working in fields of choreography, cosmology and ecology. Her work looks at the human body, environment, Earth, Universe and asks what kind of choreography and dance happens between them.
Aleksandra received in 2016 a Master of Art and Science from Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts in London; in 2009 a BA in Contemporary Dance from CODARTS, University of the Arts in Rotterdam; in 2003 she graduated from National Ballet School in Lodz. In 2015 she received The Research Scholarship by Grazyna Kulczyk and art research scholarship from Ministry of Culture and National Heritage 2019 and 2014.

Workshop fee of 700 PLN also incl.: 2 meals, housing in double rooms.
Arrival on Friday at 15:00
16:00 dinner
18:00 start of workshop
Saturday ful workshops days, on Sunday we finish with dinner at 17:00.
Studio Burdąg
Sing in by writing to:
Deadline: Oct 2nd.